About us

We are here to revolutionize the international courier service. We came to face the challenge of doing it differently, and we want to do it better.
We are a team of professionals dedicated to providing solutions for the handling and international transport of goods door to door. At CrossCourier we innovate, but we don’t improvise. Because we were born from SouthCross Logistics with a solid track record in the international logistics sector. And for this reason we can offer answers that simplify the needs of each client.
Our main resource is experience. And our strategy is to do it differently. Cross the limits. Go further and faster. But above all: make it simpler.
Corporate philosophy
Enhance the international expansion of our clients through the development of innovative, personalized, dynamic, comprehensive and efficient logistics solutions.
Consolidate our leadership position in the logistics sector from Latin America to the rest of the world through constant professionalization, the adequate interpretation of the socioeconomic context and the planning of increasingly agile and avant-garde methods.
Our business is the result of the ability to adapt to the context, the dynamism to offer simple answers, the commitment, responsibility and social awareness with which we act every day. Our style is to always go for more and always build something better. We are defined by our curiosity to seek innovation and the daring, above all things, to do so.

Why CrossCourier?

Because we are here to challenge the market and show that it can be made simpler. And better. We have an entrepreneurial spirit, but we have the experience of a consolidated track record.


We were born from SouthCross Logistics, the forwarder with the greatest expansion from Latin America to the rest of the world. We have more than 20 years of experience and constant professionalization.


We are dedicated to enhancing our Clients’ business opportunities by providing more competitive and simpler solutions.

Service attitude

We are motivated by the ambition to change the paradigm of the courier service and we are determined to raise quality standards day by day. That is why we are in the process of obtaining ISO: 9001 2015 certification.

Your business, but simpler.

We provide agile, more dynamic and more competitive solutions to manage international door-to-door delivery in a more profitable way.

How do we operate at CrossCourier?


Optimize the international connection between people and companies (both consolidated and expanding), favoring their business opportunities and always raising the quality of service.


Leading a revolution in the business model of the courier sector, raising service quality standards, intelligently interpreting the socioeconomic context and planning simple and disruptive methods.”


Our business is the result of the capacity for innovation in critical contexts, the dynamism to offer simple answers, the commitment to each objective and the determination with which we pursue results.
We always go further, or as we prefer to say, ‘we always go the extra mile’.


Optimizar la conexión internacional entre personas y empresas (tanto consolidadas como en expansión), favoreciendo sus posibilidades de negocio y elevando siempre la calidad de servicio.


Liderar una revolución del modelo de negocios del sector courier, elevando los estándares de calidad de servicio, interpretando de manera inteligente el contexto socioeconómico y planificando métodos simples y disruptivos.”


Nuestro negocio es el resultado de la capacidad de innovación en contextos críticos, el dinamismo para ofrecer respuestas simples, el compromiso con cada objetivo y la determinación con que perseguimos los resultados.
Siempre avanzamos más allá, o como preferimos decir, ‘we always go the extra mile’.

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